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Leaky Bodies Burden: Workplace needs & Experiences of Women Diagnosed with PCOS/D and Endometriosis

By Rubab Nallwala (21-22) What is happening? Even in the wake of 50% workforce being run by women, the issue of menstruation management remains amiss in occupational health literature. Existing studies focus on impact of menstruation on productivity, negative work outcomes and eventual socio-economic burden. Even though gynaecological and menstrual conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome…

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“It Worked Out Well for Me”

By Alison Barrett (20-21) Covid-19 lockdown begins in the UK After only a few days of being announced on 23rd1, the UK was plunged into its first Covid-19 lockdown on 26th March 20202, inciting a situation of shock, confusion and uncertainty that affected all our lives across work and home. From the 1st lockdown onwards…

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