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Bamboo Ceiling in the UK – a qualitative study

By Eliza Wong (21-22) The Bamboo Ceiling, derived from the “glass ceiling”, describes an organisational barrier that impedes ambitious Asian professionals from reaching executive positions in the workplace (Hyun, 2005). Previous research on the Bamboo Ceiling has informed that Asians are disproportionately underrepresented in the US, as explained by the cultural differences and ‘model minority’…

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You can’t escape the system: Parents’ experience of taking Parental Leave

By Aathira Jojy (21-22) “Over 2 million moms left the labour force in 2020 according to new global estimates” (International Labour Organization, 2022) Globally, 55% of mothers and overall, 62.1% of women participated in the workforce in 2019. This is comparatively lower than fathers’ participation at 97.1% (ILO, 2022). The pressures of juggling work and…

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How transformational versus transactional leadership approaches can affect the environmental behaviours of an organisation’s employees.

By Niamh Williams (21-22) Does the way you lead others affect how environmentally friendly their behaviours are? And do your organisational leaders have more influence over your environmental behaviours than you may have thought? As concern over climate change grows, global temperatures soar, environmental degradation intensifies and its impacts become more visible, research into understanding…

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“Please Respond Immediately”: Exploring the Relationship Between Workplace Telepressure, Psychological Detachment and Exhaustion

By Summaya Abbas (21-22) “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” – Christian Lous Lange. What does the quote by Christian Lange really mean, and how does that relate to the workplace? Over the past few years, advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as smartphones, emails, and instant messaging software have…

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